How to make your 020 transmission a single speed!

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How to make your 020 transmission a single speed!

Post  tubatasm on November 4th 2013, 5:29 pm

Ever wish you could drive your car without all that pesky shifting? Who wants to have to move a lever around all the time to select gears? You might think an automatic would soothe your shift-jolted soul, but an automatic still shifts. Doesn't everyone like fixies?

Then do I have the Do-It-Yourself mod for you! Simply take your gear lever and slam that baby into third as hard as you can. It may take years for this to actually produce the resultant lock into third gear you want, but when it finally works, I know you'll be as ecstatic as I am right now!

Experience the joy of having no reverse, burning up your clutch, and pinging your engine like there's no tomorrow! Overshift that 020 into third and live a life free from any shifting!

But, seriously, don't. It sucks.


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